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In this section you will find information about the extant manuscripts of a particular play. This will include assessments of the various manuscripts and their relationships. Collins' playwrighting techniques, and the presence of manuscript materials at different stages of pre- and post-production, often generate a number of separate manuscripts for a play. This section will attempt to explain these various texts and unpack Collins' creative process. The section is under construction so please be patient.

  • A Court Duel (1850)
  • The Lighthouse (1855)
  • The Frozen Deep (1857)
  • The Red Vial (1858)
  • The Frozen Deep (1866)
  • Armadale (1866) [only in manuscript and never performed; see Miss Gwilt]
  • No Thoroughfare (1867)
  • Black and White (1869)
  • No Name (1870) [privately printed but never performed]
  • The Woman in White (1871)
  • Man and Wife (1873)
  • The New Magdalen (1873)
  • Miss Gwilt (1875) [based on Armadale]
  • The Moonstone (1877)
  • Rank and Riches (1883)
  • The Evil Genius (1885)

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